Discount Dental Plans, and Nothing Else

We only do one thing so we do it well. Since 1993.
It’s better to do one thing and do it well. That’s why at MPD Dental Savings, we focus on giving you the best individual dental program you can find. That’s all we’ve done since 1993 and that’s why so many dentists recommend our program to their patients without dental insurance.

MPD Dental – How it works and why it works.

We provide a Discount Fee for Service dental program that works though out a network of General and Specialist dentists in Central Maryland.

Once every calendar year we negotiate reduced prices for dental work for our members and this new reduced fee schedule goes into effect February 1st.

The savings are generally in the range of 20% to 40% although the exact savings is going to vary from dentist to dentist because they all charge varying prices to people that are not members of the Maryland Preventive Dentistry program.

For instance, if Dr. Smith normally charges $87.00 for a specific procedure while Dr. Jones charges $109.00 for the exact same work, then our MPD Dental reduced price of $63.00 represents a savings of 28% from Dr. Smith but over 40% savings from Dr. Jones.

The most important fact then is that no matter which of the dentists you go to you’ll only pay $63.00 for that procedure and save anywhere from $24.00 to $46.00.

Even if a specific procedure is not listed on your members fee schedule you’ll still benefit by saving 25% off of the price that your participating family or general dentist would charge any of his other patients without dental insurance.

Specialist work provides for a 20% discount from your final out of pocket expense. Twenty percent off of the usual and customary for people without dental insurance.

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