Would you like to save money on your next dental visit? Every procedure discounted for our MPD patients.

Now you can either call us (443) 691-2251 - use VISA or MASTERCARD) to signup to this discount dental program or signup online now (pay with VISA, MASTERCARD or PAYPAL) by clicking one of the buttons below.

For a One (1) Year $59.00 INDIVIDUAL membership,
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For a One (1) Year $99.00 FAMILY membership,
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All credit card payments are processed through PayPal Merchant Services.  Charges on your statement may show as CHRISTOPHER A BEATTY or MPDENTAL.

If you find a mistake in the shopping cart, for instance you back up to a previous page and then go forward again, and the form suddenly wants to charge you for both $59 AND $99 then just click the DELETE link under the wrong dollar amount in order to erase the extra charge.

Your coverage is immediate.  If you are AT A DENTIST OFFICE, please show them your payment receipt for proof of immediate coverage.  ID Cards are sent VIA EMAIL as per the following:

Renewal Customers will receive ID Cards before their expiration date
New Customers will receive ID Cards within 7 business days.
*** Please check junk/spam folders if you do not receive your cards ***

You receive immediate membership discounts and if when you sign up you note which of our dentists you are going to be using for your first visit then we will fax the dentist you selected with your membership information to make things even easier for you. Your welcome letter and membership card will arrive as per the schedule noted above.

This discount plan is especially great for people who cannot afford dental insurance with its high monthly premiums and limitations on pre-existing
dental problems.

Instant SAVINGS on all procedures!

Enroll online or over the telephone 443-691-2251 then call one of our participating dentists today

Please, just take 3 minutes to hear me out then decide if you really want and need a dental insurance policy or if you just want to pay less for your dental work. I am offering you a dental program membership, not insurance, that costs you less yet saves you money on all dental procedures and full benefits become effective immediately with your membership.
Yes, I’m talking about the same kind of savings as if you had dental insurance but there are no limits with my program the way you have with insurance.

You pay them $400.00 a year in premiums and they have a maximum annual benefit of $750??? Where’s the benefit in that?
How about you only pay $59 once each year and with no maximum dental benefit limitations?
Then you go to one of our participating dentists as often as you need?
Doesn’t it make more sense for you to decide how ofter you can go for dental work rather than your insurance company making that decision?

You still think that you would rather have a dental insurance policy?

Here is the link below for someone else's quote for dental insurance.

Remember that my quote is only $59.00 per year. And, with no cap on benefits plus immediate coverage!

Click here to get a price quote from someone else for dental insurance

Click here to get a price quote from someone else for dental insurance

See for yourself which one saves you more money.

MPD Discount Dental is not insurance so we are able to offer Same day effective dates with full benefits. Pre-existing dental problems are covered Annual Membership costs only $59.00.

When you need fast low cost dental benefits with significant savings think MPD Discount Dental.

It's all very simple.

Sign up. Save money. Guaranteed.

Easily sign up online with your VISA or MASTERCARD

Your Maryland Preventive membership carries a 100% money back GUARANTEE.

If you are dissatisfied for any reason during your first 30 days just return your cards and we’ll give you a full 100% refund.

*Family includes everyone living at your home address regardless of age or marital relationship